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The ability to record audio of a screen via a computer will have a small impact depending on the screen quality and the software you are using. Most applications have options for this, and the results can be a fair bit better than what is possible with a camera. However, most software allows you to use the camera button to record as a separate track and is very likely that your audio will be more acceptable than if you are just trying to record an image in black and white.

Most software also allows you to use the screen record button to automatically switch to the audio stream from the camera, which is also worth getting used to, since this is typically the source of the sound you are seeing.

Is screen recording slow? Edit
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If you are experiencing screen recording lag or stutter, you might want to consider updating your software to a newer one. Most of the software available today either uses direct capture for video, so any delay is most likely the fault of the software rather than your PC. The software may also need to be patched for problems such as lag spikes, but generally the only reason this might make sense would be if they were recording you in a different room (such as when you want to record your screen).

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How can I control screen recording? Edit

The only way to control the recording and playback is via the Windows media center control centre which is found under the Programs and Features category. Once there, select Screen Recording, and then select your screen. You can also change the type of recording and playback, or just record the screen.

If you are using a Windows 8 Pro, the controls are also found under the Program and Features panel in the Control Centre.

The Recording tab Edit

This tab allows you to manage how and when your PC screen recording will take place.

The first section allows you to choose an action to be taken while screen recording runs. An action can be set for each record-able screen you want to record. For instance, you may want to have the recording disabled in cases where the mouse pointer is over the camera or the user is scrolling, or you may want the recording of videos to start at some point in the recording so that you have something to go back to later.

You can also set options for both recording and playback at the same time. You can select the number of the time period you want your screen recording to be ongoing, or choose from a

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