Can I Screenshot a video? – Video Production Courses

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Yes. Screenshots are great. Use your webcam, make sure the video quality is not too low, and then choose the one which best fits how you want your show to be presented and to how you want the audience to respond. Do that for 5 min or so and that’s it.

No video editing skills needed!

If you’re really worried about your video quality then just download the videos from the free site and edit them with the best quality you can find.

Can I rent or buy a set of monitors/screencaps?

Yes, just ask the owner about it. The equipment is cheap, the space is limited so it will take up most of the place but it’s totally doable.

In order to do this you’ll need to find a set of monitors or screencaps for your location, these can be found through the site. Just fill out an online form.

How do I get a show going?

The easiest way is to post your show description on the sites, this is where you will get people to see your videos and will ultimately get visitors to your website.

When uploading you’ll probably have to upload the video in HD quality, you can get an idea of how much you’ll be able to charge for this by looking at what other show producers have charged you for something similar to what you’re asking for in your video. When in doubt, just ask the owner directly.

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Do I have to hire a professional to upload my show?

No, you just put your name on the site and let the person upload it free-of-charge.

Will the owner help me with my promotion or promotion services?

The owners are generally only involved in the creation and editing of your show, they will obviously help you with promoting your show, and they’ll take any advertising you’re interested in doing for a bit. You only need to ask about promotional services when doing a promotion, such how to promote your show in real-time to people who are in your area and who have the right interest.

To promote you need to sign up with one of the affiliate companies which is in itself a bit of a pain, but you can always ask.

Does the owner have any other questions?

Yes, I really do. If you have any issues with your upload or you have any advice for us about how to create our show you can always email me at bdewing(at

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