Can I record a video playing on my phone? – How To Shoot Videos

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Absolutely not. This is not a live show at The Loft, we will not be able to record a video on this show. For example a band can’t come in and play while we record and then say, “Well yeah, this is kind of fun for a while but we’re gone at 8 p.m.” But we are more than willing to accommodate.

Can I stream live concerts online?

Streaming on Live.Aesthetics is a feature for music that we are experimenting with. However, the audio quality is not up to par. So, do not stream live concerts online.

If you would like to stream live performances by other bands, you can buy a pass, or you could pay a small fee to access live events “”online.”” =5149

What will we play?

The Live aesthetics Festival will be returning this summer, June 16 to August 17, 2019.

What we currently plan to play:

In addition to the bands scheduled to perform at us, we can show any kind of music we want, in any form, at any venue. The following shows are already confirmed:

Kerri Chandler “The Girl in the Crowd”

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