Are ring lights good for video? – Video Techniques For Shooting

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It depends how good they are at blocking your vision, and how much of the image you are seeing.

As you will see, many are bad – and even some good. But you can’t really count on them to provide the most protection.

If you have seen a lot of video you will know of a lot of instances when ring lights were used to mask visual impairment.

So, why bother?

Is your video a bit blurry? Ring lights were popularised before computers had anything like the processing power for image processing – so they were effective in making your screen visible to people who could not see it.

What if you wanted to protect the image on the video itself? There may be other things that are more important than looking good on video.

For example, if the video you just watched was part of a documentary, it may be important to know about certain scenes.

But with video, no amount of blocking may be going to make things look like they would without the blocking.

So, are all ring lights bad?

Not necessarily.

If you look at a wide variety of videos, you can often find ring lights that are reasonably effective.

But if some of them, especially those that are made in the US or in a highly populated country like the US, you will be surprised at how much of your screen is being obscured.

And that you’ll be surprised by the number of instances where it looks like everything is behind your mask – so if you are worried about privacy in a group chat you likely have a problem.

That’s all there is to it.

What about your computer’s screen?

It is true, that many, if not most ring lights have a screen that is too small to be useful. The screen on your computer actually has an aperture of around 5mm, so it wouldn’t even be visible anyway.

You can also use a ring light mounted on your laptop or desktop to block the screen for some periods of time.

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