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There’s a reason they don’t get along. And it’s a well-known issue. The major-league pitcher is the ultimate in strength and athleticism and the ideal athlete. The pitcher is the most physically fit, most fit athlete you’ll ever meet. Think about it – a baseball pitcher isn’t going to be able to throw a curveball that’s going to be going at you or a slider.

But what if you could?

In baseball, we’ve had the ability to throw overhand, like in softball, because baseball pitching has been perfected over so many decades. That’s one of the issues. The other is the fact that we don’t really have any of the proper biomechanics in the major-league game, so some pitchers’ pitches are way out of whack, and we don’t see much of it.

So, how could the pitcher throw that far out of whack, as you’ll see in the video?

They use an offspeed pitch, which is the same pitch as the fastball in some respects, but not in any other regard. This pitches comes from the mound and it’s a fast-moving pitch. It’s right up here – here’s where you want to make the pitch. It’s like a fastball that’s thrown in baseball, and now we’ve got a new weapon for pitching that just can’t be thrown by anybody else. It’s a new weapon for us that can’t be thrown by anybody else.

Can’t we use a changeup to improve our offspeed pitch?

You’re right. And we can make our offspeed pitching as effective as our fastball pitching. But when you put it together, all these changes can just add up. When I go out to a pitcher like Roger Clemens, that’s what I’ll always tell them: Give me what you’ve got. Don’t give me what you don’t have.

Do you think there’s a problem of getting pitchers to throw more offspeed pitches?

Yes. We’ve done research – we’ve looked at pitchers in the minor league, and we’ve done some studies – a lot of our research looks at the big leagues. There’s a huge difference between throwing 100 pitches in the minor league and throwing 100 pitches in the big leagues. That’s one of the reasons why you see so much arm injuries among those pitchers, and when you see the injury statistics you see that it’s way up there with the highest in-season

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