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It’s all the same to me. That’s why. I have a son of my own that sings with a beautiful, lovely voice. We had a lovely time singing together, but you know, I sing too. I sing better to sing. We all sing well, yeah.”

A couple of weeks ago I got a notification from my Gmail message inbox that someone had opened an email that had my name in it, though it was from 2001-2005. I was like, “what?!?” And then I realized that it was definitely me. It wasn’t from 2006 either – but it was a very early version of my Gmail account.

When I discovered what I thought would be a fairly innocuous mistake – someone had accidentally opened an email from 2001-2005 – I couldn’t accept that it was me, no matter how good my Gmail searches were for that exact year. I figured it was just an accidental error, but I felt a twinge of guilt for not getting another notification of someone opening an email with my name in it.

However… once I discovered that my name was used in this particular year, a strange wave of relief started to wash over me. For a week (or more, if I remember correctly) I had a new sense of peace, gratitude, and joy that this was my own mistake. Even after I realized that I had used the same name for years, I didn’t really mind it (I’m also sure that I will get a warning in the future).

The next day, before I turned off my computer, I logged in to see what had happened, and was greeted with two notifications: one from my new Gmail account in Gmail, and one from my old account. From my account on Google, Google confirmed that my name was in both of these messages.

So there you have it: my personal name has been used since December 2001, and it’s really not my fault. Now that I know for sure that it was me, it’s not as weird as it may have appeared. But I think that this type of mistake is very common. And sometimes we might not realize how much time has passed, and how much our lives have changed.

So why not get your password reset in early? It’s still easy to change, and the process is very simple.

To change your password to your Gmail account simply go to your account on your Gmail account. To reset your password, simply log into your account on the new Gmail email address, go

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