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The key code is the same!

What is a D-Pad?

D-pads are a keyboard design which use 2 or 3 buttons (or “pads”) in a circle in the middle. Each button on a D-pad corresponds to a channel. It’s really up to you what sort of channel/key you want, but with most key caps, you want a single channel/key combination.

With the above example, you want to go all the way up.

How do I map it?

First, you need to look in the folder you downloaded the program for, then go to “Keys and Layers” > “Modifiers” > “Keys”. Look at the “Keys” tab, and check the “Shift” column. Next, click “Copy” to paste into another folder, then right click anywhere in your workspace and choose “Print” or “Draw”.

If you don’t have a printer, the key codes must be printed on paper, not on a computer screen. That’s probably where the “Print” option was located.

Then you should get a folder named “Modifiers”. Then in, put all the “Keys” you just generated into a folder named “Modifiers” and go to “Modifiers” > “Modifiers 1”. Copy the “Shift” and “Esc” keys from the “Modifiers 1” folder into your “Modifiers 1” folder and paste them into your “Modifiers 1” folder. Make sure that all of the key codes in “Modifiers 1” have the .jpg extension (or “.jpg” in some other format; just be sure to select it by right clicking and choosing “Show In Finder”).

Now in, go to your “Modifiers” folder and paste the keys you got from the previous step into your “Keys” folder. Finally, you should get a nice folder like the one above, and right click again in your workspace and choose “Create” or “Create Empty”. You should get a folder with a bunch of folders named “Modifiers” > “Shift” > “Esc” > “Keys”. Right click on the “Keys” folder and click “Copy” > paste that into your “Keys” folder and rename the folder to something else like “Keyboard”.

That’s all there is to it. You now have all the key codes you need to play your favourite games on your keyboard!!

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