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The difference in scale between ‘C’ and ‘1’ is called the scale factor. It is the square root of the note pitch (or 1). The note pitch is the highest possible pitch that the chord can make when played in scale mode. This is called the major scale, and it consists of 13 notes.

How are ‘1’ and ‘C’ different notes?

The note ‘1’ has an interval of -3 semitones to the note ‘C’. All other notes on the tonic scale have an equal interval to the note ‘C’. This means that ‘C’ has the same pitch as ‘0’ – you can find the root and root note by just comparing the pitch of the two notes, e.g. on C. The interval is called the root pitch. The interval between the ‘1’ and the ‘C’ is called the third. This is the note that gives the name ‘C’ to the first string, and is called the tonic, because it is the first note that comes as a major tone. The interval between the ‘C’ and the first note of the chord is called the octave (the fourth). These notes are called ‘1-3’.

I thought ‘C’ and ‘1’ are related to each other, but which is which?

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