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How is minor used in a chord progression? What is the function of diminished 3rd in E minor? How do they relate to other diminished chords and how do they sound? E sharp minor, or E sharp Bb major also have a similar set of notes. They’re both a diminished chord. They both have a major second note which is often considered as a major seventh chord. They do actually have the same third as a major seventh. What’s the function of diminished 3rd in E minor? You’ll learn how to solo on the diminished scale, and you’ll also hear examples of some other possible diminished chords.

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Let’s hear the difference. This is a melody written for the first scale, E-flat major, and then a piano-harmonica soloed melody written for the second scale, E-flat minor. We hear the same melody with different harmonies and chord changes.

Note how the 3rd is lower in the melody, and the 2nd is higher. This is an important lesson for the first major scale, E-flat major, E minor, D major, so that you can see it is not just a scale you have to pick up, but it’s also a pattern you can keep repeating, and the progression repeats itself in the guitar solo. You’ll also notice the use of the 7th in the first scale, not the 4th.

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How do you play this progression?

I’m using a pick and two fingers. You’ll see how easy it feels to pick the scale, and you will hear two different fingerings for each chord in a few minutes.

In E minor, I start the scale on a 4th. I use my thumb to pick the third, and then my index and pinky to add chromatic notes and the 6th for the seventh, 3rd, and 7th. It works out nicely.

Then, I use my pinky to add a 3rd to the sixth and an extra F# note. This creates an additional 4th, and my pinky fills out the rest of these 3rds. Here’s the progression

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