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Vibrato is the deliberate and complex way in which strings are plucked through the instrument, producing a different pitch. It’s commonly used to add emphasis to words or phrases, or to add an acoustic warmth to a performance.

Vibrato can be used to add dramatic “edge” to vocalists’ voices. Or, it can be used to add texture to a song. Vibrato in a song can also be used to give a singer a feeling of “resplendence” through the singing.

Some singers prefer using vibrato in a simple or natural way. Using vibrato in a formal or orchestrated setting helps make the vocal performance more focused. You and others may also notice that the music takes on an extra “tone feel”.

“Tones” may be made by:

Lowering the pitch of strings within a note, or adjusting their timbre to create a more “lit” texture for your voice.

Using the strings to create a subtle vibrato, or more of a “glider” effect that allows for vibrato in one note.

Using the low notes of a note for vibrato to give a slightly warmer sound. This can also change the speed of the entire part’s melodic line.

Backing vocals with vibrato, for an impression of a “pluckier” feel, for a dramatic effect.

Vibrato may be used to create a “vibrato effect”, as shown on the “Vibrato in Singing” page.

Vibrato may also be used to add an acoustic feeling to a performance. It can also be used to emphasize a song’s melody through a vocal melody or rhythm (e.g. “melody from a guitar” or “rhythm from a beat”).

Vibrato in music consists of three main approaches:

Finger Plucking – This is usually done with both hands, but can also be soloed, with only the right hand moving (called thumb-soloing).

The sound is more organic, “muddy”, and “unmistakably in the pocket”, which can add a more “organic” vibrato.

Using a vibrato accent to create an electric “edge” to the song’s melody.

Finger Plucking and Finger Plucking in Dance

Vibrato may also be used to create an electric “edge” to the music. However, this is not

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