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There will be no more “faux” versions of classic beers. They will remain fresh from the brewery. The brewery will also keep its own brand name: Stouts will be named after the American hops grown in the brewery.

How does this affect the brand’s image?

A major issue with the American variant was the beer’s image, which, in our opinion, had been tainted by its association with the popular “faux” version, The Fat Lady. To that end, we will give our beers, as well as those from the other regional breweries that use this style, their own name as well.

Is this a good deal?

This is good for the beer industry. A brewery gets to use their name in a more prominent way, and they also get to use it in a way that makes sense. They will be able to build up an awareness that their beer is made by local, Wisconsin craft beer makers.

Does this make a difference for me?

We think it will make a noticeable change, even if you’ve never tasted one of our beers. Brewers like our Stouts because our products really do have some of the best flavor I’ve ever tasted. They’ve got that crisp, malty taste, and the complex, woody and fruity hop character are what makes them appealing. We think this will increase their demand, and they’ll be able to better compete with some of the more national beers on the market.

Why was it decided to change the name of the beer?

It’s just a brand name change. The brewery will not change its name to the Fat Lady or anything affiliated with it.

Why does there have to be a twist?

There has to be a twist because the beer has to stay fresh. If you don’t have a twist on this, you’re losing some of what makes this beer great. For example, if you take another Stout and call it a “Faux” beer, you’re just watering down the American version. When it’s brewed, it’s going to taste just like the actual beer.

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