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Pitch is basically the amount of energy in a musical note. If there are two notes with the same pitch, they sound the same amount of energy. Just like when you get excited or excited for something, like a sports team, they all sound the same amount of energy.

In this example, just because two notes are the same pitch does not mean they sound the same amount of energy. What you will notice though is that the more energy in a note, the more energy you get out of it. This is the reason why a lot of the more complicated pitches, like the one in this song, have a high number of harmonics.

If one note is higher in pitch than the others, it tends to get more energy. This effect is called tonal resonance. And tonal resonance is what gives the notes in musical works, like in this song: “When I was a girl, you were just a friend.”

Are you surprised that this song uses a lot of melodic structures?

I was. But that’s OK. When you listen to a lot of rap music, it’s mostly about rapping. In rap there are a lot of rhythms and patterns. And in this song, we had to deal with this really repetitive rhythm.

So it’s not really a really melodic song?

No. There are a lot of very repetitive lines, like “Hey baby, where’s the party.” And there’s one line with this really long string of words and it’s really repetitive, but the rhythm is really good, especially when you can keep going.

Did you ever use a piano in your making of the song? And if so, where did it come from?

I used a piano a few times. I would just jam with it. Like, let me get a second and listen to this. And then I would work on the song even more and then I would get a third listen, and I would try to figure it out. So, I have a real hard time just doing that kind of stuff all the time.

I was always really impressed with your music. What makes your songs so good?

I really like the melodies and the way they get me moving. You can hear in almost every one of my songs what I’m trying to say, what I want my listener to see. I really love writing songs that are hard to put down, which is something I really want to show my listeners.
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