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What would be the key of T?”

“You have to have a strong brain and know math, so let’s say you are in a country that has a very strong education system — you would be expected to do math really well. I guess, your IQ level is quite low. So, it’s not a guarantee that, as you get older, you would be able to do math well. Just like a good person could be good on every topic but still be bad on the arts.”

The conversation continues.

The teacher, who is clearly the smartest person in the room, continues:

“The basic truth of the matter is that I don’t know what the key is of F. I just know it’s the key of T. And your IQ would be lower than that — your basic aptitude.”

Why is it that a higher IQ can never be taught? How come you don’t have to be a genius like Einstein to teach this? Can’t an elementary school teacher be just as intelligent as your dad? Why can’t my IQ be that high and I be just as good as Einstein?

What is the key of T?

A good teacher is capable of taking the most difficult subjects and bringing them to an acceptable level to his students so that they can learn them. Teachers are often highly regarded by their students. It is the students who ultimately teach.

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And what is the key of T? Why is the key of T? Is it the quality of one’s mind? Is it genetics? The answer to both of these questions is clearly yes.

“You just have to do it.”

What is wrong with your head?

What is wrong with the human brain at the moment? We seem to be stuck in a perpetual loop of believing that we are not intelligent. We are born smart, but are always judged to be not smart enough. We are raised in school and have no real idea of how to succeed in life. We are constantly being tested to see who can achieve certain things and who can’t. We are expected to be perfect, and we are constantly disappointed and mocked because of this. So, why is it that we cannot become a genius?

The truth is that, we are stupid, as stupid as we really are.

And just as there is no way that we can become a genius until a genius is born, there is no way that we can become competent until we master our own weaknesses. If

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