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There are different words for it, depending on whether people are singing or shouting, and you’re probably thinking of ‘dance’ or ‘chop’. I actually prefer ‘song’ because that can go beyond the ‘dance’ in the name or the context. The music that we are currently singing is a very slow, delicate and powerful song.

Is the best time of night?

This is difficult because the best time to sing can be all day – but it starts around 7.50 P.M.

What are your personal thoughts about the ‘Bollywood’ dance and music?

It’s different from what most of us would go see. I’ve seen quite a few Bollywood films in my life but this is one of the few things I haven’t really experienced myself. It certainly reminds of the songs from my childhood.

Do you have some advice for a new convert or those who are looking to find out more about the Hindu religion.

As much as it might upset those who are already very committed to Hinduism, I would encourage anyone to look at the Hindu Bible.

This story was first printed in Hindu Monthly.

A young mother and grandmother is suing her ex-husband who allegedly forced her to have a vasectomy so she could inherit millions in inheritance money and move into an expensive home he paid for without her consent.

Sandra Stryker, of San Anselmo, California, alleges that her ex-husband Jef Rounsevaar of Bakersfield paid for and took care of her home, car and jewelry, but that she could not have the procedure because he was Jewish and required her to have one.

Rounsevaar denies any of the allegations in the complaint filed Aug. 25 in Alameda County Superior Court.

Stryker, who was born to Jewish parents and later converted to Islam, was married to Rounsevaar in 2002, but the couple’s son and daughter were born to a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother. While Stryker said she wanted to be a mother to the children, she was instead allowed to go on an abortion, according to court documents.

When the couple divorced two years later, they had a child together and Stryker was eventually forced to have the vasectomy surgery, court documents say.
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After the procedure, Rounsevaar reportedly demanded she give back to him her jewelry and house, saying she

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