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Noah is a really good baseball pitcher. I think the guys on their last team did not know what pitch he had.

Now, we get down to the actual pitch, and I have to say that it’s like a little bit more difficult to hit a three out of the park baseball than it would be as a pitcher as it’s a bit more vertical. What should we make of it?

It was a good pitch, but it’s not one of Noah’s finest. The pitch could have run him into two or three innings, and it’s an area where if Noah has a lot of success he probably won’t be very good in it.

Let’s talk about the pitches in this inning. Look at the last four pitches. The first is the one that Noah is hitting into. There’s a chance the batter is going strike a man. What can we learn about the pitch?

First of all, if an outside fastball doesn’t come anywhere near the zone, it’s a strike. When he’s at 85 mph with the front leg on, he’s going to want to look for the middle of the plate. A lot of hitters have trouble locating that fast fastball from left-left.
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The second pitch is Noah’s cut fastball. There’s so much separation between left and right. He’s going to try to hit the ball to the middle of the plate. And the only thing I’m going to say about the cut fastball, it can be a strike. That pitch isn’t going to cut and have your left-handed hitter run out of the way from it.

And he’s going to go with the slider, it does cut and it will cut. If I was Noah, that’s how I’m going to attack a hitter. It can be a strike. It’s a good fastball out of the zone.

But that cutter is the big one that Noah went to and he’s going to try to get a guy out with it. I don’t think this was a cutter against the pitcher. When you hit a guy like that, you look for his middle of the plate.

Now, look at how Noah was doing after he got the three outs. The first time he was up, he was hitting for power. And the second time I think he was going to get a strike. And then the third time, he was going to hit the next guy in line. What made this difference? He was feeling some good stuff from righties.

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