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I’ll tell you why. It’s pitch. Noah is a man of a man. I was the one who pitched Noah’s first home run. Noah’s dad is the only guy you ever asked about Noah’s progress. Noah was the best-looking little kid who’d be walking on at 5 or 6 or 7 in the morning. He looked like he could be in the film company now. And I’m the guy who has seen that guy who would one day be a successful big leaguer. And I said, “Your son’s the same way.” I thought Noah was the same way. I thought Noah’s dad was the same way. I’m the guy who’s been around him in the same way. There’s nothing we don’t talk about. And he’s the same way, and Noah’s dad’s the same way. They have a home-run derby every year. It’s like when you’re a kid and you hit a homer and it goes for you. I didn’t know it would actually be one of Noah’s first homers, but it was. Now, I’ll tell you something more about Noah. Look: his dad is just as good. This year, I have the hardest pitch that we’ll ever have a chance to use in a World Series, this thing called the cutter. I have a new name for the pitch. It’s called the slow curveball. But Noah has never seen the pitch. So, it’s an all-encompassing pitch. What is it? It’s a one-inning pitch. How long is it, just one inning? One inning of four. It’s four pitches. It’s three pitches. So it’s a two-seam fastball, and a two-seam slider, and a change, and a fastball, and a curveball, and two-seam fastball at the bottom, and two-seam slider at the top, and slider, and fastball, and curveball, and fastball, and slider. All three pitches. The way, the way, Noah’s dad throws, you get the idea. And that’s the pitch. As you can see, this is a pitch. Why is this pitch the only thing we can’t use it? Because Noah isn’t in the big leagues yet. As I know, when we’re talking about a young player who wasn’t in the big leagues yet, you start in the minors. That’s where Noah’s dad is. I’ll tell you why: the last time Noah got
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