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When you hear “pitch made of”, let’s look at the definition.

The Pitch of A Melody is the pitch of a melody (as expressed by the pitch of the vocal notes, whether voiced, acoustic, or other).

So, A melody is what is said to be in tune with one note of the instrument of recording.

But, pitch is used not only for harmony, but also for melody. When looking at a song you’d probably think that all the vocal lines in the song are in tune (unless in the chorus where they’re all wrong). But in the melody of a song, we are used to the pitch of the instrumental line.

Instrumentals are often made of a number of the common pitches of an instrument (e.g. 3rd, 2nd, 5th, etc), but all together. The reason for that is that because each individual note has its own pitch, which is a combination of the other pitches of that note, there is a single pitch that can be used to describe the entire instrument.

In this way, the term “pitchmade of” was coined.

You can think of one of the characteristics of instrumental notes as being the pitch of each instrument in general. For example, a 5th note may use the pitch of the 2nd, 7th, and 5th instruments, depending on whether or not it’s a chord line.

An example of an instrumental that uses a multiple note pitch is the piano. You can think of a piano as being made up of multiple different instruments. However, it’s usually not used to be that far off from a melody, since the pianist actually uses the same pitch every time he plays.

In other words, we consider the use of the pitch on the instrument to be the best way to describe a single individual note (that’s the pitch made of, see above). There are many types of instrument that use multiple pitch, but you can think of it the same way.

For song melodies, we generally think of the melody in relation to an entire sound and sound design. For other instances in song composition, we typically think of pitches as a separate individual component. For example, “Duck Duck Goose” was intended to use the same key signature as the song on which it was in progress.

Another way our mind works is that the overall harmony (pitch and harmony) in the composition can be the most important part of what

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