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I don’t know. It is like pitch on a scale… I can throw the ball hard but… no one can hit the ball hard. Or I can spin the ball hard, and I get hit by the ball. It is like a scale on which pitches can be measured… but I can move the bar.”

The pitch was a curve called a “FIP” (fielding Independent Pitching). It was also the first pitch of the game; the batter had thrown six curveballs in the first five innings.

Baez hit it a little hard. But it was a changeup, and there are very few guys who can throw a changeup with authority. Baez threw it at 105.5 mph, according to StatCast.

Baez and the Mets got a two-run lead later on a single from Mike Baxter to right field.

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This is the third changeup thrown by Baez – there have been two this season. He first threw the changeup three times in September at Arizona with no result. He threw the changeup 11 times in August with two results.

Baez took advantage of that second-half surge with the pitch, and then the Mets were in good shape. The curveball was a weapon, and the changeup played well to end the inning.

It is the second straight night in which Baez is hitting home runs, too.

Here is what a pitcher in his second season said about Baez with his first changeup in the second half:

“It felt great, especially with the way he threw it – I think he has good feel for it. I would say he’s going to have some more success at it down the road. I think there are going to be other pitches he can throw that are a little more advanced and it’ll allow him to stay on this end of the spectrum a little bit… he has a little bit more feel…

“They’re all part of the game. It was good.”

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Baez will have two of his most important pitches in his second full season in the majors, but his repertoire could evolve.

Matt Harvey is one of the best in the majors at controlling the curveball, which he has thrown a total of just nine times (one was a strikeout) and is considered by many to be the fastest

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