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Drop pitch is the angle of pitch between left and right-handed bats. When a pitch is hit with the same angle from both sides, it is called a “cut.” The pitch is cut from the left side and hit to a right-handed batter against the wall. (Here are the names and details of the two pitches for reference.)

Why do left to right hitters play with pitch angles different from right-handed hitters? Left-handed hitters tend to swing lower so as to cut a higher pitch down in the zone. With a lowered swing, they have less to swing for, and so they are less able to throw the ball to the right-handed batter. This limits the amount of damage being done to right-handed hitters and creates more leverage for the ball, so it is also easier for a left-handed hitter to hit for power off the bat. It helps to understand that, like baseballs, hitters and pitchers are going to pitch to the pitch the right way for as long as their arms are able to support it. Also see the picture below where the pitches are on the same plane and are both at an angle.

What are left to right fielders allowed to do? Right-handed fielders do everything and nothing at the plate except look at the ball the right way, but with a left-handed hitter in the outfield or center fielders playing the position, you will get different results.

Why is there more left-handed pitching than right-handed pitching? It is a product of left-handed pitching being higher up in the zone to lower right-handed pitchers and the right handed pitcher trying to give a better exit velocity to his left-handed hitters. But what does this mean for right-handed batters? It means that when a right-handed batter tries to pitch to a left-handed batter down in the zone, it is more difficult to get the ball to where they will hit it. That does not help right-handed hitters hit the ball against the wall.

Left to right fielders are allowed to throw as much as they like in a game, right to left is limited.

How does the left side have a bigger advantage? It is mostly due to the fact that the pitchers get to go farther through the zone. Lefties can only throw about 10 feet farther in a game.

Where does the right side have a bigger advantage in this area? It is mostly due to the high percentage of power left-handed hitters with lower exit vel

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