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In the audio context, drop pitch is the effect of decreasing the pitch of an adjacent note, or, often, of “pitching it down” or “raising” the pitch of a given note. For a full discussion of this topic, see the article about drop pitch on Wikipedia.

It is important that we have the ability to hear two note pairs in one loudness level. This is not possible with a compressor or equalizer. When two note pairs are very similar in loudness levels with similar frequency bands (i.e. in the same room), this may result in a problem. However, with a compressor or equaliser, this can be solved using the “Damping” option. In our article about drop pitch on Wikipedia, there is a great discussion on what drop pitch means and how to read this.

Why does drop pitch work?

When the frequency bands for two notes overlap closely, they are likely to appear to be overlapping, but the differences are not quite large enough to be heard (unless one has a very high threshold that is calibrated to make the sound heard). With a compressor or equaliser, the higher the threshold, the clearer the drop pitch is.

I cannot find any article about this with sound samples from different speakers. So please add any articles you might have about a compressor or equaliser effect.

This is a question that is often asked when people first hear drop pitch. It is very different to the fact that it decreases pitch when the frequency bands overlap closely when one of two note pairs has a similar relative loudness. It is also very different from the effect that a “dynamic equaliser” uses.

How can I implement drop pitch?

If you are interested in implementing drop pitch for your music, please see this discussion from Sound Designer, or this discussion from Music Producer.

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