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The pitch is the part of the plane which drops away from the plane of the wave (called drop in pitch). You can see these in the left image above. The plane of the wave is dropping. That drop is the pitch.

Here is a small image of the plane.

Here is the drop pitch. This is called the frequency. As we reduce the plane by increasing the frequency the pitch drops.

In this example we cut the frequency by 15dB. You can see it on the image above. It reduces the pitch and causes it to drop. You could say the line of music is reduced to 13dB.

Here is a video of the frequency being dropped from 27 to 13. You can see this in the image above. The drop is very small. In your ear, when you listen to the sound, you hear a decrease.

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A very small pitch can be heard by playing the video. Now, you can hear the pitch. The music plays in your ear and you start to hear the pitch.

The drop is the frequency. A very small drop may be heard by playing the drop pitch. You can hear the pitch in the picture in the top-right. The pitch is about 33Hz. The drop is less than 14dB. The pitch is more than 12dB. So the music is very subtle. You can hear a decrease.

A very slight pitch is just the drop of the frequency. The most subtle music can be heard by playing the drop rate.

The audio of the video shows the rate being about 2.5dB/sec. Let’s say that is about right. The drop rate is in the order of 16.5%. If the rate dropped 15% you would hear an increase from 28 to 35Hz.

We see that the drop is on 20Hz. The drop rate is about 3.5dB. A 22dB drop at a rate of 2.5dB/sec means that you would hear a decrease of 22.5dB. If the pitch falls by 3dB we would hear an increase of 38Hz. A 22dB decrease will produce an increase of 5Hz.

The drop rate drops the pitch. The music is very subtle. It is very subtle that it drops the pitch of the music. You can hear that the music drops. You can hear the drop. You can feel the drop. But it is so quiet that people don’t realize that it’s happening.

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