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Drop pitch is the frequency that a sound is at when it is coming from a given source, at an equal loudness level, at a level that is higher than the loudness level of the source.

You heard it here first!



The first time i saw it i thought at first was a noise, but when i tuned my speakers the sound was very smooth.

I was just listening to it and i was laughing because of all the details -the sound is so different from the sound of other music, it must have done something special.

In a good way I guess.

Also, this video is from the sound library of this album:


I just realized that “Wake Up Call” uses the same sound in two different parts of the song.

So yeah I was in tune.

The other thing about drop is they use it in the middle of the song.

I could have listened to the song for that.

There was one time when I wanted to use some sound effects, but it sounded like someone just said “hey let’s use this sound”, and it ended there.

What else?

Drop Pitch.

Drop Pitch.


“My Song”

“Til There Was You” – Drop-Pitch for 2nd verse.

“I’m so low I can’t see you now” – Drop-Pitch.

“You know i’m down – Drop-Pitch ”

“Just a light kiss” – Drop-Pitch.

“Hey you can stay in here” – Drop-Pitch.

“No, this is my bedroom” – Drop-Pitch.

“There we go” – Drop-Pitch.

“You know that’s just me in my house” – Drop-Pitch.

“Just the one that stays in my room” – Drop-Pitch.

“So I can take you to meet someone” – Drop-Pitch.

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