What is a semi tone in music? – Which Is The Easy Key To Learn Singing Psalms Youtube Songs

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The semi tone has a harmonic content that is usually not affected by the pitches used in the music. To learn more read our article Why a Semi Tone?

There are two common types of semi tones in music.

Semi-tone mode, where all tones are semitones

Semi-harmonic mode, where not all tones are semitones
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What are semitones?

Semitones are a type of harmonic content that is normally produced by a semitone guitar. An equal number of semitones can be created by using two thirds of a tone, or a third of a tone can be created by using an eighth and fourth, or an eighth and sixth.

The semitone scale is the most common form of harmonic content in music.

See these simple examples of a semi voice

The semitone scale can be used as a basic harmonic mode

See this example of the note E from the C major scale

How to play a guitar semi tone

G – Bm

A# – G/Eb

E – Bb

F# – F#/D#/G

D# – F#/C

F# – G#

G – E

E – G#/C

The semi tone is usually played on the upper register, so to play an A# in the guitar semi tone scale you need to hold your middle C as you strum the A#.




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