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When someone asks that question, there’s a good chance they have never seen it. I know I haven’t. But I thought it was time to show you.

One of the cool things about this series is I am very lucky that I have three cameras — two for shooting and one for playback — that enable me to make this video. I am fortunate enough to have the same equipment for three years; therefore I’ve got all three cameras recording as they shoot, and the playback shows us where we are when we shoot. The two audio cameras, on the other hand, are always recording from different angles, with my own voice. For this, it was important to have a wide range of cameras — three would be perfect, but I could run the risk of compromising the focus — so I have two wide angle cameras and two small rangefinders.

For the two close distance cameras, a lot of my friends and colleagues have already shown their support and advice so I’m hoping you all come and support me too on Kickstarter!

The first time I put this together, we filmed a tournament in the Caribbean, and the first thing I did was to check all the angles for the shots I wanted. When we went to record that final, my wife said ‘this is it — this is the finish!’ (laughs) That felt incredible and I was so happy. The thing about soccer is, if you are going to start filming there, you have to know what to expect. If the ball is going to bounce twice with you behind the camera — even one or two times before — it just doesn’t add up to the final, the way a video gets from beginning to end.

There are two things I tried to capture in the final: one of the goals we were looking at in the first image above, which I shot at around 1.15pm, and the corner of the post I shot around 1.45pm. They are both things I did not really need to know at the time, I was happy when they ended up the way I wanted.

So it’s a good example of how it takes you from the start of a shoot for you to the final. I’m sure the players did not watch all of the play, but that does not matter as long as you know exactly what you want; it’s almost like a film.

So when I put together the video with the two audio cameras: it was interesting as well. I wanted to show what the players actually were

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