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Pitch, in English, refers primarily to both the location of the player on the pitch and the type of player in question. There are different definitions for the term among soccer pundits, players and coaches across the league and world.

“If you have possession of the ball, you will score a goal,” says David Beckham who played for Real Madrid from 2006 to 2009.

“They might say that’s when you get your chance, or when you get your goal.”
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Beckham also said it was important to be creative and create the chances.

“It’s a great feeling to get that cross on the turn that is just out of reach to score.”

What happens if you score a goal?

If a side wins a goal, the team which scored will advance to the next round. If you have a one-goal advantage, and that one goal is to score a goal, you take over possession or get the ball back at your own goal line within five seconds of the kick.

If a team takes a PK, it’s called a “point shot.” If a team scores a goal, the team with the victory is awarded possession and the ball becomes the new possession of the defending team and the goal is scored.

What happens to the team which scores?

The team with the result has the final say, and that means it can either retain possession or hand the ball over to the opposite team as a result of their score.

What is a PK?

A “penalty kick” is the term used to describe a goal to be scored through a combination of a penalty kick and a foul kick that result in a foul which causes the ball to go out of play. “Penalty kicks can be scored if there is an opponent close enough to the goal line that they could get their hands on it,” says Michael Bennett.

What are MLS teams doing to try and win?

There’s only one rule for this season:

“Play to score. Don’t play to let a tie or penalty kick go down.”

That has the MLS in its corner. Last year the league tried this tactic, but ultimately, its strategy was not working. Now, MLS is going for it by adding more teams and making things harder than ever.

“We’re starting to get a better sense of where teams are, particularly after our 4-0 victory against the Seattle Sounders,” says Vancouver Whitecaps head coach Carl Robinson

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