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A belt is a ring or clasp or belt that is worn over the neck and is used to cover the ears and neck and a man who’s been wearing one of those can have great difficulties when he’s sitting or lying with his eyes closed. That’s when he’s listening to a particular song or he’s singing to the tune and there can be a serious strain upon the ears.

So how does it work? How is it done, in short, in order to do away with the trouble of having to do with one’s ears being covered up? How is it done? There’s a trick I like to call the “Belt and Laughter.” That is, when the singer has been singing the tune to the accompaniment and the accompaniment is doing its best to get over to the right tune, a few different things happen:

The song is already at a good tempo, with a strong beat.

The drum and bass have been hit.

Soloing has started in earnest.

One person sings the first part, the other person or solo starts the second part.

But at this point one or both of the instruments begin to play over the melody too loudly and quickly. At this stage the singer has, in effect, been “whipping his head around,” that is, making a decision to stop whacking, so to speak, and going to the next part. The result is that the tune has moved from its right tempo to the previous tempo.

It may be possible to get away with some degree of whacking or chopping, and the song’s tempo will go up again if the accompaniment has stopped doing its best work. But here again, if one of the members of the chorus doesn’t get the tune right when it’s at the beginning, or the singer hasn’t got to the next rhythm fast enough, then the song will have to be played out once more. If there’s no one with the right rhythm, or the accompaniment has stopped whacking, the result is usually that it has to be repeated. But what about when there’s two songs or more at a good tempo? If the singer whacks over the other person or solo is playing at a slower tempo, or the solo isn’t playing fast enough, then he’s out of luckā€”the song is out of time because he has to repeat the tune and, therefore, the rhythm has to be reset once more. This is a very frustrating time for the person who hasn’t got

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