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The perfect pitch means having the pitch that is equal to 100 percent of the frequency of a sound you hear when you listen to it. It can be heard with the ear buds you wear on your ear, or through any normal headphone. It’s also sometimes called pure pitch. The pitch is about the same throughout the sound spectrum, from high to low. That said, a pitch that is just outside of the typical range has been identified as being ideal.

How can you improve your pitch?

There are a number of things you can do to improve in your own pitch, but these include:

Keep your ears on your favorite music for long periods of time and focus on your own pitch. You’ll find that every little step you take can improve your pitch.

Doing a bit of vocal exercises can help you hear more clearly.

Try listening to songs more often, particularly if your earphones don’t do any good. Even if you’re not able to hear yourself better, you’ll likely hear a better and more consistent pitch when you hear songs at a consistent volume.

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