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“You have to go through your life and feel a vibration,” he says. “You can’t know everything in one fell swoop. You have to make the right connections, find the right sound at the right time. If you get that right rhythm in your head in one moment, you can’t wait two minutes to do it again.”

Lambchop’s first solo album — his first for the band — was called “The Light,” because he wanted to have a little light in the dark, the way he was searching for when the group was recording songs.

“I think of myself as a seeker,” he says. “A lot of people are just looking for the truth and making the right connection and finding something to connect to. I want to find my own truth and make it myself.”

The Light, produced by Paul Motian and arranged by Kevin Parker, hit shelves in July 2004. Lambchop says the record was “more of a departure than a departure for me.” It was recorded at the band’s Los Angeles home, so it was more like coming home. He wanted the songs to feel like what his new friends in California call “laid-back, laid-back, Lay-back-back,” as though they’d been around for years.


And yet, despite Lambchop’s newfound openness, he never forgot that he was not a rock man. Over the years, he’s spent time around other bands at various stages of their career, and he’s been an audience member for more than a few others. He still talks about a particularly memorable gig, at the height of the grunge movement in the early ’90s, when he joined the “Blitzen Trapper” band as a drumming friend. The band’s frontman, Jeff Beck, was wearing a fur coat emblazoned with the band’s name. When Lambchop and Beck played together, the coat became their theme.

As his life took him to New York , Lambchop attended art school in upstate New York and lived in New York City until his late 20s. His friend and collaborator Kevin Parker — another singer/songwriter — was there, too, attending college and studying music. Lambchop saw all of these people at the same time, he says, and in doing so, they became more than just colleagues.

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