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The top of your voice is called your vocal cords and are the soft pinky bones in your throat. The vocal cord’s tissue is what gives your voice its characteristic “sound.” The vocal cords are connected to your vocal folds, on either side of your rib cage. The vocal folds are the soft “bony structures” that form the sound of your throat.

How do vocal folds shape and move? As mentioned, your vocal folds are connected to your throat with muscle tissue, and you can squeeze out the breath as hard as you want. They allow you to make a tone.

What are vocal larynx folds? The voice fold is a muscular mass on the back side of your throat which supports your vocal folds and aids in breathing. Each of your vocal larynx folds is approximately 5cm long. When the voice folds are squeezed (which can also be done in the mouth when you have a sore throat or a cold), the tissue is forced forward, over the larynx and out the other side of your mouth. As a result, the larynx is stretched. Depending on where the larynx folds are on the front side of the throat, it can stretch out a little towards your vocal folds or forward away from them. As shown below, the distance between larynx fold 1 and larynx fold 2 is very close (1 cm) but because of the muscle action of the vocal cords, the muscle acts to restrict the vocal folds.

What are vocal folds attached to muscle? When your vocal folds become compressed, your vocal cords often become inflamed and pull on a specific portion of your vocal folds.

What do vocal larynx folds look like? Here is a diagram of the normal larynx fold. As you can see, the larynx folds are very long, and are attached directly to a muscle (or muscle group) called the supracoelaryngeal (SC) flexor of the vocal cords. This muscle is located within your vocal cords at the sternocleidomastoid (SCF). A small muscle (also called a supracoolary) attaches your vocal folds to the SCF. This is your voice vocal fold.

Can voice boxes have soft edges? Yes. The vocal folds, supracoelaryngeal muscles, and the vocal larynx fold are connected using a series of muscle tissue connections. These connections are called the larynx and supracoelaryngeal

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