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Pine is an extremely versatile forest tree. Just about anything can be harvested. The pine is a great stand-in for any forest resource; forests are just the beginning. Pine is a hardy tree that will never go south; when a cold winter comes, it comes back, ready to start your next project. Pine is a versatile tree. When a tree fails or falls in a natural forest, the pine survives in the soil. Pine seeds start growing out on tree trunks. When enough pines die, more sprout up in their place.

Why pine? There are many species of pine available for purchase. The most commonly known is the yellow form of the cedar, which is commonly called “pine needles”. They are beautiful, but many pine plants have a white pith or the “shiny pine needles”. Pine needles have a bright yellow color, but have a reddish, almost black appearance. They are hardy and can survive a lot of harsh weather, so they are perfect for a forest restoration project! Another way to look at pine is that they are a very economical tree to grow. Pine is the base of more then 90% of our nation’s forests, and it is a very economical tree to grow. Not only can a pine forest bring in more income, but it can be a good source of mulch for many projects. Pine is also quite easy to harvest. Trees do not fall into the woods when their needles are exposed to cold temperatures; their needles have a resistance to damage and are very sturdy, especially when cut. This means that every tree on our forests has thousands of needles and a few large trees can be harvested in a couple of days. Some trees are so small that it’s almost impossible to collect all of them! For those of you who are not into picking, this is a very interesting fact.

How to plant pine.

Start with some dead or dying old pine trees. Pine will grow well under its usual conditions, especially in areas with low precipitation. After you have taken a few dead trees you can use a small rake to crush some small pieces all over. The needles inside the small pieces need to be removed from the soil and brought to the surface. Some pine species have a hard time staying alive under these conditions, so be conservative with how often you crush them. Place these pieces on a shallow tray or shallow pan to collect fresh needles. Place the small pieces between one another in your tray. This will protect your freshly harvested pine needles from

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