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Pine comes from North America, but the first large-scale production came from Britain and France. Today, a growing number of companies and organizations around the world use pine as a source of fiberglass for building products, building windows, insulation, composite insulation and other products that can be used without fossil fuels.

There’s a variety of reasons for the growing popularity of peat. The main reason is that peat can provide insulation at low temperatures, in high-performance and low-energy-use applications. And it can also be used to form a protective, water-tight coating. Most companies now use it in building products including window frames, insulation, construction materials and concrete that are used for houses and other buildings.

Pine fiberglass insulation has also proven to be extremely resistant to rain and wind erosion. This means that it doesn’t need moisture to work its magic, which is especially advantageous when you’re trying to preserve rain and wind in your building systems.

Why pine is so great for building?

Building composite panels is a great way to increase energy efficiency. It’s more economical to use composites when construction starts and finishes earlier, so you don’t have to spend as much on a structure. It’s also quite strong and very flexible.

Pine can also absorb heat from construction sites and other areas around the home and even outshine traditional insulators as the weather warms. This helps to prevent the building and household systems from overheating – especially the heating system.

Pine can also be a valuable source of insulation for homes that use natural gas in the building system, because natural gas itself is quite effective in creating peats and other building materials.

What has the industry learned from building composite panels?

For more than two decades now, companies that manufacture composite construction materials have been conducting research with the intent to reduce or eliminate the need for energy-intensive, fossil-fuel-consuming materials, such as cellulose acetate fiberglass and polyurethane (PE) insulation.

Some of the most recent research has been at the University of Rhode Islands. And the results have been encouraging.

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In a study of building composite panels, which are manufactured from a combination of a variety of fiberglass and a mixture of fiberglass and polyurethane, researchers found that a combination of the two fibers can produce a composite that is up to 25 percent stronger than a composite made of only one fiberglass material.

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