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This is the most basic singing lesson and it will give you a basic grounding in how you create the sound that makes a particular part of your song so effective. As I stated earlier, in order to sing well, you must work with what you hear and to a large degree you must develop your ear to recognize what you hear.

Singing in real life

In real life you are not likely to have a real time rehearsal but there are plenty of resources available. The main goal in singing is to feel a certain tone of voice and to feel what this tone implies. This includes feeling a pitch. A pitch is the pitch that you are singing so it can be any pitch from C to D to G.

Singing is made easy if you can feel it!

If you are ready to start your singing journey, listen to this FREE guided audio to hear how it is done.

The next stage is to learn to sing in a certain way. As you work this out, you can make up individual songs that are different and unique to you. In this course, I’ll be focusing on four parts of a chorus. You will practice singing them individually as you hear a different part of the chorus.

Singing to your ears

By “listening” to your own singing this process will develop into an ear training exercise. It requires not only your ears but also your brain to begin paying attention to what you are hearing instead of ignoring it. You will start to develop your ability to hear pitch and feel it! This will allow you to start listening to other singers who you might not ordinarily think of as good singers.

The final stage is listening to someone else sing in a similar way you are.

This is a crucial stage in your singing process as it allows both you and another person to experience a new part of your song that may not fit your original idea. Once you feel confident that your ideas are working with this other person, you can then put them on your iPod and try them. In time, you will begin to listen to someone in the same way you do and you can develop a similar approach to singing with someone else.

What are some basic tips I can share to help you succeed with singing?

Practice in a quiet room!

It’s very important that you practice with someone and with a different pitch every day. If you practice with someone from the outside, you need to work on their voice too. If you practice

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