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For those with dyslexia, you have the normal hearing and speech and hearing and language dysfunctions of normal children.

For those with developmental delay, you have difficulties from an early age, such as difficulty reading, or difficulties relating to other children, or difficulties with other people like your partner. This is called delay speech.

For those with speech and language delay, you may not know that you need help, and you may be misinterpreting information about your problems.

Those with a form of autism (specifically Asperger’s syndrome) have problems reading.

For those with a hearing delay, you have difficulty hearing, or you’re difficult to understand. This is called delayed speech

For those with speech and language delay, you may be thinking and talking normally, or having communication difficulties or a lack of understanding about your problems. This is called delayed language

For those with autism, you know what it is like to be unable to speak, but can speak at an acceptable level. You may not understand the words other people say to be able to respond to them. This is called limited speech. For people with an autism spectrum disorder, this has been called a sensory or speech delay. A sensory delay is a problem that affects your hearing. A speech or language delay is a problem that has been caused only by brain problems.

For those with a hearing or speech and language delay, you may be having difficulty understanding what other people say and how they say it.

For those with developmental delay, these may include problems learning to read, problems with spelling and grammar at a young age, and speech and language problems, such as difficulties to understand, to speak or to understand your partner.

For those with a learning disability, your hearing has been lost, which can impair your words; or you think you are using your hearing, but you are not. It may involve one or more hearing-associated problems such as hearing loss, which can result in you hearing through your headphones much less than you should. This may include hearing problems in children.
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For those with dyslexia, you may be having difficulties reading by yourself because you’re not fluent in reading itself. For you to truly read without other people present, this will almost certainly be required to be able to speak or write at an acceptable level. There’s no question that if you have dyslexia, learning to read and write by yourself is going to be an important part of your educational

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