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Test captain Viv Richards said: “It takes 10 minutes on the field when you get three catches.”

This means that for a time, women’s cricket was a one-match game. But a team of female cricketers, led by Viv Richards and Vivienne Fittipaldi, have beaten three teams in the Ashes that were ranked far higher than them in the world rankings to earn the right to play at Lord’s in the first round of the tournament last year.

“I have got a lot of respect for the women who are still out there, out there in the world, playing. I’ve seen it on TV,” Richards said last year. “We have beaten a team [from England] that, after the game, had 13 people on the ground crying, because we were so far ahead. We’ve always had the edge because of our speed and strength.

“But I think women’s cricket is definitely on the rise in the world. You know there’s the Wankhede Cup in Australia, the Women’s Champions Trophy out in New Zealand… There are a lot more teams now that can play cricket.”

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