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I’ll just tell ya when I’ll tell ya

How do we know? He just wants to prove

That he ain’t gonna miss a shot

With Tarman running the ball, it’s a two-man game.

In a normal time-out you would have been asked to sit and watch the play at a 45-degree angle from the sideline. But in this instance Coach Scott has told Tarman to dribble the ball, to play in the post, and to run for a rebound with five seconds remaining.

In hindsight I’d say this play should not have been called.

But Tarman is the better player this time, and Scott is on the sidelines, so Tarman plays. I believe that even though Tarman doesn’t see the play in the replay video, Tarman’s instincts are that his best shot is going to be a baseline jumper. He has the ability and confidence to make that shot, and when you play with the confidence and vision like Tarman has he has the chance to do incredible things.

It’s hard for me to accept that Tarman is going to be one of the first players that Coach Scott is trying out as a backup guard in a rotation. I am not sure my coach and I would have a strong enough opinion whether it is a good idea for Tarman to play, let alone play with Scott.

However, I’m sure Scott would never turn Tarman into a ball-handler, not even with Mike Scott. It probably wouldn’t have been a good idea for Tarman to play like that anyway. However, it does show that Scott was not really looking for more than five seconds at this point, and that he did not feel like he needed five seconds to figure out whether he wanted to play or not.

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But, hey, Scott probably couldn’t care less about his benching Tarman from last week’s game. Scott already knows that there is no way he’ll give up on Tarman, so he just wanted the first chance to play Tarman with Mike Scott, and the coach decided to give Tarman a try.

Why does Coach Scott use Tarman early in the game?

The coach has told me before that the reason he uses Tarman early and often in his rotation is because of his speed. As you can tell in my analysis above, Tarman has a lot of speed. Tarman just needs more repetitions. He has played a lot against good competition,

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