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To answer this question, the first thing to do is to estimate how many hours you need to go from singing a certain number of times to singing more than 50 times in a row. In general, this is between 3 and 11 hours per week—less if you are only a beginner or less if you are highly experienced, but it is generally well within 6 to 12 hours per week and above 10 hours per week. The rest can be divided into two broad categories: long (>24 hour days), and short (<30 minutes). For beginners, it is probably worth trying to shorten your times per week. Let's set the bar at around 8 hours per week. Even though most people learn new songs by listening to them (which takes a long time), it is still an excellent idea to practice all the songs you sing and try to perfect them whenever you can. In fact, it's probably enough to practice the songs you sing once. Long time learners will probably find that this may work pretty well with all their songs, but not be a satisfactory solution for very long time learners. If you're someone who goes for a full hour or so to practice each song, you will probably find that you can only work on one song at a time. When can you stop? After you finished singing two or three songs or a portion of another song, you should consider stopping and re-listening. If your singing sounds good, try using a different song. If it doesn't feel good, or if it feels like you're still practicing, try using a different tempo. In general, if you can't sing the same way, you won't be able to sing it in the same way again. You might need to go out to dinner sometimes. If you're in the mood for a pizza and wine, do try to find a place that serves pizza at a consistent time. Otherwise try to save time later and go to a restaurant that serves pizza in the morning. The pizza may be prepared differently. How to go back to your original pace

If you find that you’re too tired, find something you can work on for a couple of hours. It might be the vocal melody (in which case make the melody your “last” track). It might be something that involves your singing on a new instrument. Whatever you do and whenever, your next song will sound better. The trick is to keep singing until you feel tired, and then go back to sing the track again

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