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The time it takes for a person’s voice to change depends on several factors.


The most important element which makes a person’s voice sound different is their frequency, which is expressed in Hertz. If the person is speaking regularly, they’ll have a “normal” voice. You will know if the person is getting older or younger by the amount of difference in the frequency between the voice the person uses. If the person uses their first voice for a while and their second and third voices keep growing, the person will be younger or older. You can learn about voice growth here’s a sample of a voice growth chart.

Voice Tone:

The tone of your voice plays a key role in how different people sounds. If you don’t have a high pitched voice or you have a tone that sounds “boomy” it’s most likely that the person can’t distinguish the difference between “me, me, me” and “the world is falling apart”. People with higher pitched voices will sound more like a choir or a choir boy. People with high pitched voices in particular will sometimes use a high pitched accent (e.g. “aaahhh” in German). You can learn about language tone here’s a sample of different accent frequencies. This will help you know who is doing what, but please keep in mind that it depends on how you speak. If you use a normal accent it will sound very different than if you use a high pitch accent.

The “voice gap” is a very common voice measurement, used to identify people with low or high pitch who might have an “inventive” or strange voice. It’s also used by some vocal therapists to determine whether someone is on the spectrum of TS.

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The voice volume we hear depends not only on frequency, but also on the loudness. The louder the loud sounds our ears can’t distinguish the difference between a “me, me, me” sentence and a “the world is falling apart” sentence and vice versa. We can test our voice loudness with hearing tests, which ask us to use our voice in order to make sounds at different loudness levels (e.g. 50% louder with a speaker that is too loud and 50% quieter with a speaker that is too quiet). Hearing tests generally don’t tell you much because the test is performed in a quiet room, but the “voice gap” can tell you something if you speak loud enough at a certain level

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