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I’ve been asked questions like that. It’s funny, ’cause I’ve never sung it. I’m going to try, if nobody asks. That’s what we all do. I’m not really interested in singing. I’m not even interested in trying to sing. I just have to play music.

You’ve said, “If anybody wants to pick up a guitar, and they can play the chord sequences and write songs with a few lines, and do their thing… I believe anybody can sing.” Why is it that when you sing it with a few lines, even if you don’t have the ability, you still give them the ability to sing?
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Well, that happens when you sing it with the rhythm that you write. You know, the rhythm of the song matters. You know, the rhythm is very important when you play.

You have to have a rhythmic understanding when you’re doing guitar playing. You have to have a way about you when you’re doing it. You can have a certain feeling, but at another time it may not come through. You can try to do something too quick, you know? We have this very special feeling when we do it. It’s not like, well, “Oh, there’s this special feel. It’s going to come through, and I don’t know what, but when it comes through it’s just so good.” It’s just like you’re playing a song, and everybody’s talking about it. Some other guitar players are hearing it, and the thing is, it’s just right. I’m playing this song right, and I’m hearing the same thing. It feels good. Then I’m trying to give that feeling in the way. Because all my stuff comes out of that sort of emotion. It’s just this sort of feeling when my fingers are moving.

Your solo works the chords without ever having to put something in your head. It’s one thing to see a song written and then realize that that’s not the chords — but what else is there to put there?

Well, not quite. I think when you see a song, and you can’t believe it’s a song, it’s like looking at one image on the page and then going from page to page. That was that for me when I wrote [The Story of] the Dreaming Crocodile. You know, that image. That’s the sort of thing that came across me when I was doing those things. You know, the

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