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The first thing I think about when I start singing is my voice’s pitch and timbre. Most people have a natural “firm” or neutral pitch that they sing with. People get it when they’re younger and have more practice. Also, I’ve found that you have to be prepared to practice singing in a loud environment. I know this because of the vocal teacher I had growing up. It was the best environment for me to hear the natural results of my singing, but unfortunately, I could never practice. The same was true in the studio with many of my friends – not all of them were singing like me in the first few years.

How do you learn to read music and sing like a pro on the guitar?

I first started reading music in grade school. When I read music in the classroom, I would often ask my teacher to help me with some of the parts. This started going on in middle-school. My mom told me that in grade 11 I needed to learn to read music and sing like a pro. She also told me that I could do it at home. After all, I was the kind of kid who was naturally inclined to think that I could make my way to the top if I just tried hard enough.

I started learning how to “read” music from playing guitar and singing music at home. My mother taught me a lot of the basic vocal chords and rhythm patterns and the different accents and timbres. I’ve always been good at picking up the music, and now, after about six years of learning and performing, I can read everything down to the rhythm.

Since I moved to New York after high school, I didn’t have many opportunities for “reading” music. Since I was younger, I listened to music with my mom or someone else over the radio. After I moved to New York, I didn’t have much music in my car – it was mostly vinyl albums and CDs. So, it became much more difficult to understand what I was singing. However, I can be kind of lazy when the band is playing music, so I’d sing the melody of a song on my iPhone or whatever else I have on my phone. This helped me with my understanding of music better, because after I’d come to New York, the most important thing for me was to sing and play properly and not let my voice become sloppy.

I also started learning the guitar using Guitar Hero Online, a tool that teaches you musical concepts through video

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