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As I mentioned previously, my goal is to inspire others to sing. At the same time, as with any musical endeavor, you have to make sure the music is a success. If you’re singing for yourself at a beginner level, you still need to create the music to be singable — I’m working on that right now. But I have a simple rule of thumb for how to do that: learn how to play the notes. I’ve found that if you’ve learned to play all the notes, sing with all the key notes. Then you’ll be able to figure out how the rest of the music works. I’m working on that right now.

You said that you’re working on soloing — I assume it’s a process that will become even more complicated when you get more instruments in your band. Are you going to make new arrangements and learn the repertoire for each instrument or do you already know the songs you need to learn?

The band that I play in right now are from a few different eras and periods. So I’m not only working on soloing, but also working on the way in which we are performing the songs in the band — which is quite a lot. Also, I have a lot of ideas in mind about how to perform them using different instruments as well.

You mentioned that you had a solo acoustic album released in 2013; let’s hear it, what songs do you think will be on that? Who is the artist you are listening to? What’s your favorite of the songs?

The solo acoustic album was a record that was released in 2013, but I really thought that this album would be a great record to come out in 2019, especially with my new album coming out very soon. Since I’ve been playing my new albums a lot recently, one of them is ‘Love Song’ from ‘Love Songs & Love Stories’ — so I like it. I have a lot of ideas about using different instruments such as violins, harps, etc. and I wanted to find that song that was really well done to have on this solo album. I’d really love to hear it live!

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Do you have a favorite type of acoustic piano player?

Probably, the piano player is what I really listen to when I sit down for a song, really. There are so many great players, but my real idol is this guy, John Baez. He is the most versatile player that I have ever seen.

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