How do you sing for beginners? – Good Songs To Learn Singing Notes Birthday

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Well, it’s difficult. I like to sing like a beginner: very slow, slowly, slowly and keep singing it till everything gets good.

Who is your favourite singer?

My favourite singer is… me. I don’t really know who this is. It might as well be Madonna.

Which film are you most proud of?

Oh, I don’t know. I never get so worked up during a concert. I like to sing. If I get a bit worked up, I just go and do something else. Of course, when it’s a film, then it’s hard because the energy is different. It’s quite weird at times when you’re singing your favourite songs, you go ‘oh my God, I want to sing the last five minutes’. And then you’re about to sing the last fifteen minutes. But in the film you just do a little bit for five minutes and go away.

Do you watch anything?

Oh hell yes. I always see it. Sometimes I think: ‘I can make it as a singer!’ I know if I’m not able to sing for long I’d rather sit up, do something else…

You’ve got a new album coming out this month. Do you feel it’s a bit more progressive?

There’s a lot of different voices in the music on the new album. A lot of different artists can write a solo piano song, but not really sing a big one. So I’ve taken all that into consideration and tried to change the way I write.

Do you think you’ve ever been a better singing pianist – a better pianist who could take over?

No, no. This album is all me. Of course, in the big picture I’ve got other people around me that I’ve been with in the concert halls for a long time – and it’s good because I realise I really do love them. Sometimes I just sit and listen to the music, listen to the notes, and listen to each part – I think a lot about which way I should lead the piano and it’s great. I am very close to the song in the moment. But that does make me change my playing.

Do you think you’re growing up more as a person?

The people I have in the room are very important to me, and my friends. So I don’t like to change.

It’s been nice to see you doing the Christmas concerts. You

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