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The voice is an electromagnetic phenomenon that allows people to communicate. When the voice is resonant at a given frequency, it is thought to be able to convey emotional, spatial, and/or temporal information. This means that when people talk, they can convey emotions, thoughts, and ideas.

The more the voice is resonant, the easier this communication is. However, if the voice is extremely weak or is distorted, it may be hard to communicate. Therefore it is important to have adequate strength to allow for strong communication. This means that you should be able to “sing” or mimic some of your favorite music or voice when listening to the radio.

Voice strength is the amount of frequency the voice is resonant at. An average male speaker is said to be 40-70 Hz, an average female speaker is 70-200 Hz. A radio broadcast that is 90% strong is said to be “broadcast.” So basically, if you want to get the most out of your radio, make every effort to have a strong, strong radio signal.

In terms of tone, some voice sources (especially commercial) can be almost impossible to hear. So make sure you have sufficient strength and tone.

Voice quality (voice quality depends on many characteristics, such as the source)
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In order to understand how to find a voice quality that you are like, we need to go over the characteristics of a good broadcast.

We talk about radio broadcast quality as an expression of power. How much power do we put into our conversation? As I said earlier, a radio is like a giant speaker and the power we put into it determines the quality of the voice it receives. Since each individual and their communication device can have different strengths of voice, a good radio transmitter must be able to reproduce the quality of a speech from any individual.

Another characteristic which affects the strength of a voice recording is the “type” of broadcast. If a broadcast is done mainly for entertainment, the strength of the recorded voice will be reduced.

As a result, if you want to use a microphone, you should use one that can reproduce more “natural” types of voices and do not use the microphone which is meant for recording normal voices.

Also, since different parts of the voice can “sound” like the same voice, it is common practice for the recording equipment to be set up to “previde” the microphone. As this technique causes the microphone to “stalk” the same

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