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It starts with listening to what you normally sing – to see if there are things about the vocal cords that are different, or that are “wrong”. Then try out different exercises, including ear training and changing the pitch of your voice. Finally, practice your most frequent, most familiar songs.

Which singer is best for which voice?

Somewhat surprisingly, it’s not really about singing to one specific kind voice. Some people are better at singing to one particular sound, while others are more suited to singing for a particular style.

If you’re singing or speaking in a voice that was “born to sing” and is often played or sung by a specific type of person, you’re a good fit. If you’re singing or speaking in a voice that wasn’t born to sing or is not a particular type of person, such as a male, then singing may not be your thing.

What are some helpful resources for a beginner in singing?

It’s a bit surprising that it’s taken me this many years to actually come to some sort of conclusions about singing but I have come to realise that there are a few things I can say to help the newbie.

You shouldn’t try to be a rockstar; at least not when you’re first finding out about voice.

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If you can’t sing to a specific tune or tone that you know from experience and you want to try something new with singing, it’s a good idea to start off with something easy, some “jazz tunes”. This will start with being more conversational with yourself while doing the exercises.

It’s a good idea to play along with your voice, and even when doing your exercises, try to make up a few songs from your own music collection by listening to the tones or sounds.

Don’t go overboard – at times, it’s a good idea to sing with your voice down a couple notches, and this is ok for a beginner only. That being said, you don’t need to sing to be interesting or funny!

You should try to sing at a level where you can just imagine your voice, not try to sing it well.

You should never over-complicate a song.

If you can’t just feel your voice, you can’t be good at singing. Singing can be fun, but only if you’re confident and you’re able to think clearly as a result.

If you are a beginner and you are just

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