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The above is a general guideline. Each person has a different personality and singing voice. You will have to train your voice as long as you are a singer. However, your voice will become better as you continue to sing, and your voice is not only a musical instrument for you to sing with, but is also a powerful tool for you to be your favorite singer with!

For beginners, it is necessary to sing on an empty note. If you get a “clack” in the voice, or a tone not found in your range, you are not alone. If your voice starts to clack or be a bit hoarse, you usually know you need to tone down your range. This would indicate you are practicing too hard as a beginner, and that you need to practice with music for longer periods of time. It is best to work up to 3-4 hours of music per day (more if required) before you will be able to sing like an experienced singer. A general guideline is to sing on an empty note only once per week.

However, if your voice starts to grow and improve, and if you have not done anything to change your sound by practicing regularly, you may be able to use your voice more in a live setting than in an empty note setting. This could be because the way you are practicing the singing voice has not changed that often, if at all.

Try this: Record your voice on your computer and check its volume. If it does not sound loud enough in an empty note, it’s time to tone it down to avoid sounding too flat.

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Try to do the same thing for a solo vocal as well. Record a solo vocal and check the volume. If there are many “clacks” (not just the first few notes), then you may want to try to tune the solo vocal down so that it is easier for your ear. However, if you do not have any music in front of you, you will probably not have enough time to go through this process. Still, you will get the general idea of how the singing vocal works, and how the tone comes in.

Finally, it is important not to sing too loud. Remember, a singer cannot sing loud because a singer needs to be able to hear herself. However, too loud can sound unnatural, and a voice that is loud too long may turn listeners off. The volume below is a good guideline. The more the volume, the higher the pitch will be.


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