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You have to keep a constant diet of listening to music. Just because you’re good on your guitar, you don’t have to be in the jam room with a guitar player all day and every day. Try listening to music during the day too. It may take you a couple of songs, then maybe two or three. After a while, you’ll notice the same thing. As you move on to listening to your favorite songs through other speakers, you’ll notice a difference. Keep in mind that listening to music will take less and less time. I recommend starting with something simple to start, like Pandora. Then, as you get better and better, start listening more. Once you feel ready to start something more challenging, like listening to the songs above, go for it. After you’re a decent performer, you can move to more complex songs.

Is it difficult to learn?

Although it’s difficult. I’ve heard some experts say that singing will never feel like singing to someone who knows you but never asks for your voice back. I believe that it is possible to “hear you” through your voice. You will have to learn how to mimic your voice, so be aware of other people’s vocal exercises. I also recommend going to a vocal coach. Sometimes being in the front of my own teacher’s class is a good idea. In any case, practicing is still the best way to become a good singer. But, be sure to let it come naturally. Your voice has so much emotion, so don’t let your voice become too serious or emotional. You also need to be creative. The more your voice sounds like another person’s, the more you can express yourself. If you’re not finding inspiration in you own voice, take it a step further by working on something else: do a cross-dressing or a musical style.

Is there anybody who can help me out?
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Yes of course. You need to find the right coach. For a beginning singer like me, I do my singing exercises with a good English teacher. I’ve also used many different types of vocal coaches: singers, voice coaches, songwriters and teachers. Some of them are better at different aspects of the sport than others. For example, a teacher that’s good at singing for kids can also teach you to sing well for an artist. Another thing to consider is that people who have a history of singing are often more qualified to help you with your voice issues than people who don’t have that history.

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