Does your singing voice get better with age? – Can I Learn To Sing At 25

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I don’t sing too much in my old age, but I have great songs coming up. I’m very happy to have been able to sing with all of these great singers and not just do ‘Moby Dick.’ We were blessed not only to have them, but to be able to play with them, and have a chance to grow together in the ’60s. As long as they were singing, I was happy. There’s no substitute for a good singing voice. It’s a blessing.

An update on a post. That is, my second post since I got home from a week long trip.  In this one I’ll be trying to figure out the various aspects of the new bike that I’ve been given.  My plan is to just try to find the new bike that works for my purposes and get it for my wife and I.  For a more thorough and complete explanation of what I’ve done I recommend you read my previous post .
I also want to make this post as helpful as possible, so if you’ve got any questions about how to install or adjust the components of the bike, feel free to ask in the comment section.  I do get a lot of questions in the comments, and most of them are not really about my bike, but rather just how to make it work with my current setup, which I’ll be talking about in more detail in a  subsequent post.
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The new bike
I don’t remember how I actually found this new bike, but it happened to be in the garage.  It was sitting there, with the frame upright, about two inches off the ground near a door in the garage.  It hadn’t been opened in quite some time, and a man in the garage was holding up a wrench to loosen a loose bolt that held a metal strip to the seat post and the seat tube.  I was about to ask him for help, when he said that it would be a good idea to put the bike back together.
I wasn’t entirely confident that he could do the work in a reasonable time, but the next thing I recall is turning the little bit of plastic off and putting a couple pieces of wood on its legs, and then getting it to start walking again.  A few more hours later I was in the garage, and ready to install it.  So it is I guess.
I won’t go through all the installation steps here, unless you have a detailed experience with them

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