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Not unless the nodules are directly underneath the head. It is possible that this problem may occur in some areas of the body, but most often it occurs in the neck and shoulders.

A vocal nodule can be removed at any time by using a small amount of cream (do not use lotion).

How do I get rid of vocal nodules?

Cancerous cancer nodules may go away but it may come back if the area is left undrinkable. If the area is exposed to moisture, the bacteria will breed and become resistant to the medication.

What is a surgical intervention for vocal nodules?

Surgery cannot cure vocal nodules, but it can help clear them. Most vocal nodules can be removed with a minor incision: the incision should be shallow enough that the surgeon can see the nodules.

What can I do to make vocal nodules less likely?

Treating the area will depend on the area and whether the nodules need medication.

Can vocal nodules be treated if they are just “smooth”?

Some patients experience vocal nodules, but these are not related to the normal process of the vocal folds becoming compressed. This is not the case with the rest of the vocal folds – vocal folds are “smooth”.

Some patients may have smooth voices but they don’t have any sort of abnormal nodules.

When must I check for vocal nodules after my surgery?

You should go to your doctor immediately if you feel the vocal folds are “smooth” or as soon as the voice starts to change. You should also call your doctor when the voice becomes affected, such as if the voice becomes deep or hoarse.

How long will it take to clear vocal nodules?

Many children and adults with vocal nodules say that vocal folds are “soft” if they are not checked, especially for children.

However, after surgery, your voice may sound normal for some months.

What are my options after vocal nodules have been removed?

There is no permanent cure for cancer of the vocal folds. Often, if the nodules are removed immediately, the nodules will go away. If the cancer has a strong tendency to return, it may need to be removed after several years, especially when there have been previous cancers in the vocal folds.

What are the chances of getting vocal nodules again?

After months of

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