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There are very few true falsetto s in the English language – the falsetto of an American accent is more American than a British one.

Why is falsetto important?

The falsetto of a musical instrument is very important. Many English-speaking musicians play a falsetto (a voice that’s played higher than the standard pitch, which is usually a bit higher than an English one, with some of the notes in that particular instrument).

It’s the same for speaking and reading. The falsetto of a teacher’s voice is really important to his or her listeners. The falsetto of a person who is talking in a conversation with you is important for understanding that person.

The falsetto of a person’s voice means that he or she is speaking to you in a certain way. How are you supposed to know if the falsetto is good, in contrast to, say, an American one? That depends. How do you know if this person is honest, when he or she’s talking in a high falsetto? Well, it depends. But that depends on how the person speaks. (Also, in the first example, his or her “language” is, of course, English.)

Some other things you should note:

Some speakers of falsetto speakers, including many in the American jazz community, tend to take a slightly lower falsetto with an extended “G”, as if they think this is more “relaxed.” In fact, the extended “G” is sometimes used by the same people to say “fist”.

Falsetto is really, really hard to learn. Some people find it easier to hear (when they have an old television to watch) than to produce. It takes some practice and practice.

Falsetto is a very difficult instrument to play. Some people think people who play fiddle or trumpeter don’t know enough about the violin to be able to play good fiddle. In fact, people who have a decent grasp of the violin tend to play better fiddle.

Do American musicians have falsetto?

Yes. Just as Americans are proud of being known as “guitar players” and jazz musicians as “blues musicians”, they also take pride in having good fiddle.

There’s a great website called StaccatoTabs, that has all the information about fiddle in the English language. (

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