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Because I’ve been watching the movies and the shows from the early ’60s through the early ’80s, there were a lot of beautiful singers out there who made their way across the country. In ’67, you had a great artist named Linda Ronstadt. She was a real singer. I think she had falsetto and a good voice. But that’s kind of how they all played the role for a while.

Did you ever hear Linda Ronstadt sing with a falsetto?

The best one about her was when she was on Broadway and they were playing The King and I and we had never seen her before so we said, “We’re gonna go to this ball and just see what happens.” And she was just singing. And they just didn’t know how to react to that and it just went on for like six songs or something. It was a long way away from, like, the way she really sounded. It was just a great moment for her and we’re all glad she was around.

But did you know any singers with falsetto?

I knew of one that had a great voice, but I didn’t know any singer that had a great falsetto. If you have it you have it, but I don’t think it’s something everyone actually does. I mean, the girl in Love Me Do was actually a singer. And he had a good falsetto.

Have you heard any of those singers sing with a falsetto?

How do you feel about the latest “Pants on Fire” movie? That’s one of our questions asked at our webcast. We discussed the film along with the film’s writer and director Ryan Murphy and writer Chris Terrio.

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For a man who is known for being a strong, yet generous supporter of public service – including his wife and two daughters – David Davis has not really shied away from a public spat with Conservative MP Chris Heaton-Harris.

But when it comes to the controversial Brexit secretary’s attitude to the Queen and monarchy, some people feel they have caught him in a bit of a lie.

The Conservative party has come out strongly in

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