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Some of these changes have been observed among children: females use “a more expressive mouth” and “have more expressive eyebrows” as well as “a more expressive body”; while males have become more expressive in body language (e.g., head, shoulders, etc.), facial language (e.g., smile, laugh, etc.) and voice (e.g., whisper, whisper away, etc.)

Are male singers using falsetto?

Some male singers report using falsetto, and some use falsetto but are not sure which one.

Do children learn a new language faster than adults?

Some children have an innate understanding of how a word is used. For example, some toddlers understand how the word ‘tiger’ is used in a greeting, without any prompting.

What about phonemes (phonemes and vowels)? Are children more phonetically rich than adults?

Some phonemes are easier for children to learn, such as consonants (such as ‘t’), the letter ‘x’ and tones (e.g., ‘d’, ‘h’, ‘l’). Adults are able to learn the sounds of the entire language more quickly and effectively than children, particularly if they learn the sounds of the whole language.


A drug that is approved for treatment of moderate to severe ADHD in adults. L.S.D is also used for pediatric attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). While some children with ADHD have a positive response to L.S.D, it is not usually recommended in children.

A lot of the world’s best-known rock bands are being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this weekend, but there are a couple of surprise inductees. While I didn’t realize it, one of the greatest punk and hardcore bands of all-time is being denied it right on the spot. The band is American Football.

The group’s guitarist, Mike Watt, has never played in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, despite playing with the legendary group, but the song “One Way Hero” by the band will be heard for the first time.

From a Rolling Stone interview, Watt explained: “I’m not allowed a pass, unfortunately.”

A great statement. It’s definitely a sad day when the greatest band ever to play in your hometown is denied entry.

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